Madras Plaid fabric is a fabric from India, and more specifically, from the Indian city of Madras (now known as Chennai).

Madras is created using several yarns of different colors, woven together to form a fabric with criss-crossing lines or plaids, resulting in a fabric which is a mix of colors and class.

Madras has been woven traditionally on hand looms, in Southern India, and is presently, woven on both, hand as well as powered looms.

Madras fabric was popularised by the Ivy league set, and was the fabric of choice for the preppy set, and some of the most preppy brands used madras for shirts, shorts, ties and accessories.
Madras is available as plain weave which is like a poplin, as patchwork madras (squares of different madras sewn together), and as bleeding madras (plain weave, but made of vegetable dyed yarns, which bleed colors).

Today madras fabric is as popular as always, and shows no signs of fading.

It is the fabric of choice for menswear, children’s clothing, and women’s clothing.
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