cotton print fabric in pink and black color with cats printed on pink base cotton

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Cotton Print fabrics are here, and just before summer arrives too. They are here before, as we believe that planning in advance can make any sewing project, or a clothing line successful.
Our cotton print children’s fabrics are now available and in stock, and ready to order.
We have prints that span a wide variety of themes. Our theme prints are a beautiful mix of Christmas themes like Christmas trees, reindeers, stockings, candy and more.
Our children’s fabrics have lovely nautical prints like sharks, sea lions, whales, turtles, starfish, anchors, boats, sail boats and other oceanic theme cotton prints.
Then we have jurassic prints, with dinosaurs of all types, making them absolutely suitable for boy’s clothing like boys shorts, shirts, ties, bowties, and anything one can think of.
The animal print fabric, include animations of zebra, cats, dogs, lizards and other similar creatures.
We have cotton print fabrics in fruit themes, with animations of pineapple, apples and other fruits.
Cotton printed fabrics can be available in endless varieties and themes, and these are just some of them that are now in stock, and ready to be cut, sewn and worn.
Do see our cotton printed fabrics here: Cotton print fabrics and here: Cotton print fabrics wholesale

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